Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

If you don't vent externally excessive by-products such as fats, grease and steam build up over time. This can significantly increase the risk of fire, invite unwanted vermin and can cause damage to the structure of your residence.

Yes, we comply with the following Australian Standards:

Semi-Rigid Ducting:

  • Australian & New Zealand Standards AS43826
  • 4-Zero fire rating to Australian Standards AS150.3

Flexible Ducting:

  • Australian Standards AS1688.1
  • 4-Zero fire rating to Australian Standards AS150.3

Rectangular Ducting:

  • BCA vol 1 with reference to AUS/NZ Standards AS 4254-1995

Insulated Ducting:

  • Australian & New Zealand Standards AS/NZS 4859.1

Our Mushroom Roof Cowls, Dome, Eave, Hooded, Gravity and Fixed Louvre Stainless Steel vents all comply with BAL40 (Bushfire Attack Level) when supplied cinder mesh insert is used with the outlet. 

No – Flexible ducting cannot be supported for rangehood ventilation.

We strongly recommend semi rigid ducting which holds its full diameter when bent into shape.

The more bends you put into your semi-rigid ducting the more airflow is restricted; resulting in lost efficiency. We recommend using an adjustable elbow which can be bent from 0-90°.

All of our clothes dryer kits and components are 100mm in diameter (Standard diameter for dryers)

100, 125, 150 & 200mm. Anything larger than 200mm is considered to be commercial ventilation.

Freight & Lead Times

We will do our best to get the delivery on time – orders sent after 12 pm are not guaranteed to leave that day.

1 - 2 Business Days
NSW Metro
1 - 2 Business Days
3 - 4 Business Days
SA Metro
1 - 2 Business Days
QLD Metro
2 - 3 Business Days
WA Metro
4 - 5 Business Days
4 - 5 Business Days

Unfortunately, we don’t provide same day delivery. If your order is needed that day, you can place the order early during the day and organise your own courier. Alternatively, if you reside in metropolitan Melbourne, you can personally pick up the goods.