Universal Rangehood Metal Roof Venting Kit – 125/150mm

The universal metal roof venting kit is ideal for single ventilation requirements that have either 125 & 150mm outlets. (E.g. 125mm rangehood & a 150mm eave/wall outlet or vice-versa)


  • Complies to Superior temperature rating of -70°C to +200°C
  • Includes 125 to 150mm duct increaser/decreaser
  • Roof specific flashing included in the kits
  • Semi Rigid Ducting keeps its shape when formed into place
  • The mushroom cowl provides greater protection from birds, rain and rust
  • Description


    • RMC6 – Roof Mushroom Cowl with Mesh (150mm)
    • GSPS062430 – Deflecto Clip-Seam Pipe (150mm x 610mm)
    • KFM36 – Kensington Flashing Metal Roof (76mm – 150mm)
    • AO603M – Deflecto Semi Rigid Duct (150mm x 3M)
    • AO503M – Deflecto Semi Rigid Duct (125mm x 30cm)
    • DIRB65 – Deflecto Duct Increaser/Reducer (125mm to 150mm)
    • MC6/2 – Deflecto Worm Drive Duct Clamp (150mm) 2 Pack
    • MC5/2 – Deflecto Worm Drive Duct Clamp (125mm) 2 pack
    • LDE30 – Lancaster D/Ended Panel Drill & Rivets
    • BRACE – Galvanised Steel Bracing Strap (1M)

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